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With connexx’s intelligent lighting system, the energy consumption of public lighting in Villandro was reduced by 45 %.

Smart Lighting for Energy Reduction

Municipality of Villandro/Villanders (Italy)

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Thanks to the installation of smart luminaires back in 2019, almost halving the energy consumption could be achieved with a single click of the mouse to dim certain groups of luminaires at set times. All standards remain fulfilled, safety guaranteed.

connexx CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth explains: "We found that there was further potential for savings and implemented these together with the responsible planner and the municipality: for example, we increased the dimming in the hours after midnight and thus reduced energy consumption."

The smart luminaires can be controlled by software via a cloud solution. A major advantage is the possibility to group luminaires so that there are different lighting scenarios for different areas of a city.

Due to the smart system, the plant in Villandro was also directly prepared for the new July 5th lighting law of (Provincial Decision No. 477) which required a 50 % reduction in night-time lighting. This shows once again how intelligent lighting demonstrates its strength in terms of flexible reactions to rapidly changing circumstances.

Project Details


Oskar Da Riz


Studio Troi und Schenk


Municipality of Villandro




Smart communication module: nodexx integrated

Smart accessories: relais

Lighting management system: Leitfeld

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