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Leitfeld lighting management system

Leitfeld lighting management system

Leitfeld is an IoT platform that can control and collect data from different nodes and sensors to react within seconds or run analyses.

The user can visualize her/his lighting system and set rules for different groups or individual luminaires. You can also change their behavior in real-time for events or special occasions and optimize power consumption.

It also allows the remote management of individuals or groups of luminaires, smart scene set-up, and the integration of smart devices into the system.

Leitfeld is available for desktop and mobile use, and every customer will be provided with their log-in. The system can be accessed through any browser. Once in use, Leitfeld gives a complete overview of your lighting network, detects faults, and proactively addresses maintenance issues before they can be reported.

Leitfeld allows for grouping luminaires by manually managing and dimming the lighting. This will enable squares, streets, and pathways to be lit in any desired or preferred pattern. In addition, software programming responds to changing needs, such as Christmas lighting or one-off events.

In Villanders, relays have been installed to determine which Christmas lights can be connected. Via a grouping, luminaires can be controlled explicitly during any required period.

In Bielefeld, for special events like Earth Day or local festivals, lighting colors change dynamically or flow seamlessly to capture the spirit of the occasion.

Adaptive lighting in a public environment enhances the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and saves energy. The system works by using sensors to detect the presence and track their movement. As a person approaches, the light automatically increases its intensity, providing a well-lit path and improving visibility for road users.

Once the people have passed, the light will gradually dim down again, conserving energy until the next movement is detected. This feature not only saves energy but also reduces light pollution and minimizes the impact on wildlife in the surrounding area when using Amber LEDs during low-traffic times.

In Pistoia, a few motion sensors placed near the main paths can shape the light for the whole park.

Intelligent lighting systems are designed to learn from the data they record and adapt over time to create the optimum illumination for a given environment.

By collecting information on lighting usage, occupancy patterns, and energy consumption, these systems have the potential to make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance the user experience.

In outdoor lighting, data statistics refer to collecting, analyzing, and interpreting various data points related to lighting systems and their operation.

These statistics provide valuable insights into outdoor lighting infrastructure performance, energy consumption, and usage patterns.

By analyzing these data statistics, stakeholders can make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive efficiency improvements.

Asset management refers to the comprehensive approach of managing and optimizing various lighting assets deployed within the infrastructure. These assets can include individual light fixtures with their components and sensors.

The primary goal of asset management is to ensure the efficient operation, maintenance, and maximal lifecycle management of these assets to enhance their performance and longevity.

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